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DMC 1981 Black Chronograph

what a lovely watches. It's really cool. Enjoying everyday, 24/7! Thank you.


A wonderful watch that is appreciated by everyone. The face looks like its made of aluminium and along with the logo everyone gets the reference! Photos on the Web don't do it justice! I just hope my arm doesn't disappear if I hit 88mph on the motorway!

DMC The Dream Classic is a classic

I purchased the DMC The Dream Classic edition about a month ago. I've been very happy with the quality of construction. The polished stainless steel case, beautifully clear crystal, and supple leather strap leave me no doubt that this is a watch purchase that will last for some time. All that construction quality supports a sharply accented watch face with details like the DMC logo stripes, subtle "red line" tachometer highlights on the 12-3 hour marks, and smooth second hand motion. It's comfortable, beautifully designed, and speaks performance engineering on your wrist. I'd given up wearing watches for looking at my cell phone for the time over the last 15 years. This is the first watch I've purchased in a decade and a half. Given the comfort, uniqueness, and versatility to "dress up" or "dress down" with it, I don't see a need to buy another watch any time soon. I let my cell phone stay in it's pocket a lot more often.

Doesn't take me back in time, but...

Bought it for my husband's birthday and he absolutely loves it! He hasn't stopped raving about it for a month already. It's gorgeous, smooth, nostalgic, and sleek. The chronograph is cool. Love it!

Mostly Great

Love the watch. Looks exactly like the photos. I was a bit disappointed that the box wasn't in great condition, though. The interior "DMC" lettering was completely rubbed off in the middle. But the watch itself is perfect

DMC The Dream Classic

Great watch. Love the heavy weight of the case and the simple but detailed styling. Ordered one for both my sons and then another one for myself, after seeing the first ones. As a collector of watches, I love the rugged yet classy appearance, also the nostalgia associated with the DeLorean Car and the BTTF movie that made it even more famous. Both a very wearable and collectible watch.


I'm SUPER picky about watches. And I love everything about this watch!


DMC 1981 Black Chronograph

Great service and watch

Beautifully presented in a logoed case this watch has a grilled plate over the dial that gives a different look to the face from every angle. It's a substantial, precision machined, heavy watch that exudes DeLorean. It has a nice chunky leather strap that's soft and suede-like on the top and embossed with DMC on the back. The buckle matches the chunky look and is also engraved with DMC. I have skinny 6" wrists and this is the biggest watch I own and it still looks great. And despite it's weight it doesn't feel heavy to wear. If you're a fan of the car, or even Back To The Future, you will not regret buying this. I would love to get BTTF engraved along the edge. The seconds hand doesn't hit the markers but hey! who looks at the seconds hand that closely!?

Blue DMC watch

Lush watch, strap is good and strong. The face is a beautiful on the watch. This is closest I'll ever get to a DMC of my own.

We’re going back....Back to the future

Awesome watch! So happy with the way it looks and feels, and a must for any Delorean or Back to the future fan! Love mine

Great quality so far!

Love the design and quality for such an inexpensive watch

Best watch I own.

Delivery was fast. Looks great! A bit bigger than I expected, but not a bad size.


Great watch, great quality with that 80’s touch. Recommanded +++


It arrived in the early part of a rainy day. Since the packaging didn’t not include plastic around the actual watch box, it was wet by the time I arrived home from work (disappointing). The watch was a gift, it was jumbled in the box when I opened it to look at it and check on it, I guess from the shipping process. My son liked the watch since he is a huge Back to the Future movie fan and car guy. As far as durability, quality, and functionality, I do not have any idea (since it was a gift). Neat idea though.

Alpha DMC Blue

I appreciate the quick delivery and am pleased with the watch.


Was suppose to get The Dream Advance watch but got the 1981 Black Chronograph instead. Great watch, I wear it everyday

Great watch

Would recommend, nice time piece

It is a really nice watch and well made. Very elegant looking. My husband wears it every day and just loves it.

Great product

Love the watch, band, and packaging. Thank you!

Alpha DMC Silver watch

The Alpha DMC Silver watch is truly an excellent product, maximum quality and attention to detail are evident. The leather strap is sturdy and of excellent quality embellished by the white stitching in relief.
On the bottom of the case the image of the delorean with its iconic gull-wing doors is clearly visible which makes this watch a must have for all fans of the Delorean and the "Back to the future" saga. Elegant and well made, the watch makes a good impression on the wrist both worn with elegant and casual clothes. The only small flaw that I would like to point out, the clock does not light up in the dark and makes it difficult to view the time in the absence of light.

Love the watch very fast delivery

got this watch for my 17year old son , he loves the watch

Alpha DMC Silver